[Composition] “Dream Free.” premieres at National Gallery, Singapore, 11.03.17.

Performed by the ACS (Independent) Philharmonic Orchestra (IB), conducted by Mr. Edward Tan.

V1 – Maximilian Neo Jun Hao

V2 – Mathea Goh Xinyi, Evan Tan Tsien Ming 

Viola – Sarah Katrina D’aran Banton, Joel Chen Yeh Siang

Cello – Eden Arianna Leow, Chia Ying Shyan Hannah

Double Bass – Lai Tzu Zheng

Much heartfelt thanks goes to all performers, conductor Mr. Edward Tan, and the Philharmonic Orchestra teacher-in-charge Ms. Denise Tan for making this premiere a success.

I’d also like to thank Ms. Denise Tan, once again, for recording this performance for use in my personal portfolio.


All right, here’s a bit of extra, informal thanks for all involved parties ^^

For Ms. Denise Tan – thank you for giving me this opportunity to expand my portfolio and have a little fun outside of my usual Youtube routine, ahaha. Thank you for thinking about that random piece I let you hear half a year back when they mentioned a “local work”, and for always putting the students first in every tiny project the orchestra does. Oh, and for having the confidence to let me conduct rehearsals for the orchestra. That was a really fun experience. ^^ Thanks, madam 🙂

For Mr. Edward Tan, the conductor that brought a hilariously weak orchestra to life (in my final year, haha), thank you for, once again, casting magic over the orchestra for this premiere. There was this sudden surge of vitality that came into the music when you took my place at the conductor’s stand – and that was just when you went in cold on the first rehearsal. Thank you for your support of my musical endeavours and your guiding hand over the orchestra, both of which have enriched my life greatly. You’re awesome ^^

For the eight performers – for picking this piece up as somewhat of a last-minute project and committing all your energy into it, thank you more than ever.

It’s been an awesome ride, filled with viola jokes and IB survival tips. 😉 I’m immensely grateful to everyone who has given me this opportunity, and above all I hope everyone – listeners and performers alike – had fun ^^

~ Darren

Check out the score+audio preview and program notes here! ^^

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