About Me ^^


Darren Ang, born in Singapore in 1997, first began composing for piano at the age of 12, and has since expanded his range of styles to include chamber works, full orchestral and choral works, as well as electronic music works. He distinguished himself in the specialised Music classes conducted during his study at Anglo-Chinese School (Independent), and was offered by the teachers to compose for school events on various occasions. At the 2014 Ministry of Education (Singapore) and Music Elective Programme concert, Snapshots 2014, Darren was tasked to present on an appropriate piece of original electronic music as a part of a pre-concert show, as well as to compose a one-minute work for a small group of musicians as a part of the concert lineup. Later in the year, he was commissioned by the school to write an orchestral anthem for its biannual Thanksgiving Dinner, and in the year 2016 Darren was once again commissioned by the school to arrange the school anthem for symphonic orchestra and choir.

Darren constantly seeks new projects that challenge his compositional abilities, complementing it with a thirst for musical knowledge and critical listening skills. Aside from composing, Darren also enjoys arranging video game tracks, recording live piano covers and audio production. He is currently building a Youtube channel focused on video game music arrangements, where he uploads one video a week.