Little Pokémon Piano Tunes


Featuring “Littleroot Town” from RSE, “Eterna Forest” from DPPt, and “An Unwavering Heart” from BW – tiny, intimate tunes for the audience of one.


“Little Pokémon Piano Tunes” was released during my two-year stint in the Singapore military, as the brainchild of one simple concept – smallness.

Because for most of us, VGM is the music that reminded us of younger and better times. It is the dreams that fill us when we play on our consoles by ourselves, alone in our bedrooms – those tiny, innocent smiles. That’s why we talk about nostalgia, but more than that perhaps, VGM is a part of our identity – in a small, but so, so significant way.

My hope, in releasing this album, is to affirm the part of our hearts that will always cling onto these little, childish, utterly beautiful tunes.

To affirm, very simply, our little nerdy identities. ^^


“Little Pokémon Piano Tunes” is now available as a full compilation on Youtube, as well as a downloadable album on Spotify and iTunes.

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