Pokémon Tunes For Feelsy Pianists

Pokemon Tunes for Feelsy Pianists - ALBUM COVER.jpg

An unashamedly passionate album – beginning with the fearless cadenza of “National Park” and ending with my most personal arrangement ever, “Pallet Town for Pokémon Masters”.


The album art really says it all – this is an album fuelled by reckless passion.

Within my two-year stint in the Singapore military, I had built a Youtube channel from ground-up and released my first Pokemon piano album…yet, there was something distinctly missing in my musical journey up to that point. Upon finishing military service, I quickly realised what it was – the performer in me wanted to show off.

In that moment of inspiration, I mentally scanned through my repository of past performances, and picked out the two most challenging, flashy arrangements I had ever done: “National Park” and “Lonely Lillie” (arr. Zeila). These two pieces were incredibly significant for my Youtube journey: “National Park” was my biggest and most successful arrangement project, and my recording of “Lonely Lillie” in 2016 still remains the only one on Youtube.

But it quickly became apparent that this album was not going to be all flashy and showy. Passion took on many forms – including the dimension of nostalgia, and most importantly, personal intimacy. “N’s Farewell” (arr. Bespinben), “Lilycove City” and “Snowbelle City” (arr. braixen1264) represented some of the most iconic tracks in the series, and the rest were tracks that were the closest to my heart.

Most significantly, “Pallet Town for Pokemon Masters” was written specially for this album, and it was one of the very few sheets to be featured purely as a live performance (with no sheets on screen) on the channel. This was my demonstration of how much Pokemon meant to me – the track that started many of our journeys, played with no strings attached.

This is a recklessly passionate album. And I really hope, in some way, this passion bleeds over to you – above all, I hope it may inspire you to find what you’re passionate about as well. 🙂


“Pokémon Tunes For Feelsy Pianists” is now available as a full compilation on Youtube! ^^ You can also find this album on Apple Music and Spotify.

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