The Minecraft Piano Adventure

The Minecraft Piano Adventure ALBUM ART

A simple, non-confrontational album – five tracks from the game that no one ever expected to love. 


I have yet to find a game OST that blends itself as seamlessly with the game itself than Minecraft. C418’s music has reached the level of recognition of VGM classics – yet if you were to ask Minecraft fans to name some of the tracks, they might find themselves hard-pressed to give you any answer that wasn’t from a collectible CD, picked up when a Skeleton shot a Creeper.

If Pokemon was the game of my generation…the Minecraft was the game of the one after. No one expected a game that required so much grinding and patience to make it anywhere, yet the little mechanics made it a beautiful experience. Skeptic, hardcore gamers were tamed by hour-long logging sessions and the occasional mine exploration. There was something inherently beautiful about this game.

Its soundtrack, however, remained mostly untouched by cover artists for the many years past its release. And as someone who had been tamed by the simple beauty of the Minecraft game experience, I wondered why – the piano was such a critical component of the soundtrack, forming the basis of at least 90% of it, yet piano covers were few and far between.

It was the nature of the soundtrack that set arrangers back: because the soundtrack was so perfect in context of the game, hearing it out of context was an awkward experience. Furthermore, the ambient textures and loops were very hard to re-create meaningfully on the piano.

By releasing this album, I hope to take the first step for anyone who’s been enchanted by this game before. I recognise the incapability of  piano covers to do justice to the original soundtrack, especially in context – however, counter-balancing that is the passion of the VGM community and the desire to relive these simple experiences. Perhaps this album, out of context, would be nothing but the initial spark of inspiration towards a whole suite of memories – I’d be satisfied enough with that 🙂


“The Minecraft Piano Adventure” is now available on Apple Music and Spotify! ^^ A Youtube compilation will be coming soon~

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