VGM Piano Arrangements That Feel Good.
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There’s that piece you really want to play, but it’s unnecessarily tough – perhaps un-pianistic. Or maybe that piece was just wrong somewhere, and that one little smudge made it not worth trying. But you really wanted to play it, and you still want to.

Sadly, it’s times like these that can really drain the struggling pianist’s excitement and passion. And VGM, which sells on nostalgia and good feels, is all about passion. So bad or unplayable VGM arrangements especially suck.

My purpose, coming into arranging, was to contribute VGM piano arrangements that worked and felt good to play. To ensure that, I take it upon myself as an obligation to play through each sheet I do before its release – if I don’t like playing any part of it, no one else will. In so, I’ll make sure the arrangements won’t be unnecessarily intricate or extravagant. The arranging process I’ve come to adopt cuts parts until the right balance of intricacy and playability is achieved, and every new sheet is crafted to feel good, while also achieving other quality markers like transcription accuracy.

I promise you’ll enjoy playing my sheets, because that was the only thing I kept in mind when arranging them. And my objective is simple – I’d like you to enjoy playing the tracks you love. So everything here is free, and it’ll always be. Go keep your passion alive, kay? 🙂



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National Park, Pokemon HGSS

“I showed this to my sister and she immediately started crying…”
~WeirdChespin, Youtube