Blog Articles! :)


Discussions of VGM Theory.

In these articles, I use critical, kinda-scholastic analyses of cool VGM tracks/sheets to explain less-cool and more-nerdy music theory stuff. Topics include OST reviews (soon to come!), performance analyses, and arranging tips. And hey, it’s VGM, so chances are it’s not that boring. ^^


Sharings on Musicianship.

You’d think musicianship is about technique, performance decisions, all of that stuff that you do on stage in front of an audience…and you’d be wrong. Inspired by my illustrious teacher Miss Yap Chiu Yuen, I write about character-building and humility – to face the world as an artist with respect for his own weaknesses and limitations, and to keep the learning attitude up at all times.

Includes honest sharings that are painful to type at times. Do take a read if you’re feeling like some inspiration, or if you’re just feeling emo and artsy. Y’know, we all need these darker articles sometimes. 🙂



Entries about what’s going on in my actual life, outside of the one release I do every week on Youtube. Yes, contrary to popular belief, I do try to have a life outside of this. I just don’t get outside the door very often, but that is besides the question.