“Climb.” – Fugue for String Orchestra (2015)

“Climb.” was written in partial requirement of the International Baccalaureate Music Higher Level examination, and used in the ACS (Independent) Music Elective Programme official introduction video for the year 2015.

“Climb.” is fundamentally a fugue in the Phrygian mode – an experiment with form and harmony, a display of compositional knowledge. However, while writing this piece, the strict conventions and concepts I had planned for made way for cinematic textures and epic figures: according to Mr. Benjamin Yeo, my composition teacher, it was “a very unusual, very tonal, but very exciting fugue”.

While my more recent works are significantly more conservative in writing to fulfil the purpose of accessibility, this piece stands out among my older repertoire for its sheer uniqueness. It is a cinematic fugue, written by a then-18-year-old who wanted to do nothing but experiment with the form. Personally, it still remains the one piece that, technical considerations aside, the conventions and my personal style found a truly unique balance. Hope you enjoy the piece 🙂


If you would like to purchase orchestral scores and parts for “Climb.”, or any other original composition, please send me an email at DarrenAngVGM@gmail.com.