Duets And Other Sheets :)


The Minecraft Piano Collection

With gameplay footage recorded by awesome members of our Discord server – the OST that best exemplifies “zen”.

Overall Difficulty: Easy/Medium


Track Name Difficulty Links
#1 Beginning
#2 Moog City 2
#3 Living Mice
#4 Concrete Halls (The Nether)
#5 Beginning 2

VGM Piano Duets~

Stuff for two awesome people! ^^


Game Track Name Links
Pokémon DPPt Route 216
Pokémon DPPt Eterna Forest
Pokémon DPPt Oreburgh City
Pokémon DPPt Champion Cynthia
Undertale Bonetrousle
Undertale Waterfall
Undertale Heartache
Pokémon B2W2 Battle! (Champion Iris) – with Sayshi
World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria Way of the Monk – with Noy

Stuff From Other Games! ^^

We mainly do Pokemon stuff here, but hey! ^^


Game Track Name Links
Hearthstone Pull Up A Chair (Title Theme)
Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days Vector to the Heavens
Fire Emblem 7 Variations on “Reminiscence”
Eternal Sonata Scrap and Rebuild Ourselves
Super Mario Galaxy 2 Staff Credits
Super Mario Galaxy Gusty Garden Galaxy
Final Fantasy 7 Those Who Fight Further
Fire Emblem Fates Dusk Falls