Live Covers with Annotated Sheets!~

and by annotated, I mean “hand-marked”. because sheets have souls too. ❤

Before I started doing two covers a week, all I wanted to do was write sheets.

I did not start YouTube thinking that I’d end up as a cover artist. I kinda just wanted to write accessible sheets that could be easily picked up, in order to help discouraged pianists or ex-quitters to get back into their gear. I thought the sheets were enough.

But after several months of experimentation, I’d come to the conclusion that, to inspire learning and to re-ignite passion, there was no better way to present my accessible sheets than to play them live.

I’d already been play-testing all my sheets to ensure they were playable…however, recording them for a camera was a wholly different experience. Albeit, a refreshing experience that has given my life so much more meaning 🙂

These videos do not just show the sheets on-screen – they show my hand-annotated versions of them, that i personally used to learn the sheets myself. These come with fingerings, directions, even changes to the notes to help with playability. Anything I could think of to streamline your learning process, essentially.

Through these months, the purpose of these videos hasn’t ever changed – it’s to take it upon myself to inspire learning, so that we may all develop our passion together ❤


All sheets, clean and annotated, are free for downloads in the video descriptions and on this website ^^