The Mission.


To write music that is lovable and accessible for all.

That was the idea. It was all for the struggling, passionate musicians out there.

When I first started, there was a need for more high-quality, pianistic, and learn-able video game music (VGM) sheets online. Working around a five day stay-in week in my second year of National Service, releasing one video on my humble Youtube channel at a time, I found the arranging method that produced exactly what we needed – sheets that just felt good to play.

In the spirit of the tunes that defined a generation of games.

Soon, I carried the psyche over to my composing as well – to write tunes based on melodies, as nothing more than feel-good pieces for the passionate.

The creative spirit of the first VGM composers forms the backbone of everything I do – to keep things simple, yet complete. Tuneful melodies with creative harmonies, solid rhythms, and nothing more that would add extra difficulty with little meaning. The product: a lovable track for the passive listener, with the VGM brand of complexity that thrills the critical scholar; regardless, the most feel-good sheets in any passionate performer’s collection.

National Park Scoregrab.png

Hand-crafted sheets, because your passion is worth this much.

Away from the convenience of a piano and audio gear in camp, all arrangements and compositions from the period of 2016 – 2017 are drafted on paper, allowing for a mindset of true simplicity to be taken into each work. Every arrangement starts with an analysis, and every composition starts with the main theme of the whole work. Either way, any sheet I release has been built from fundamental elements, rather than a dump of possibly incoherent ideas.

It’s a method that has worked with the great composers of Classical history, and it is a formula that I will be constantly refining.


But the goal has never changed – I wish to give you, as a musician struggling in the war of passion-against-reality, another little spark of passion. This passion comes in the form of simplicity, and it is made to make you smile.

To make you smile just a little. That little rush of elation when you played that passage in front of an audience. Or that quiet enjoyment you felt as you played the closing chords of a soft, reflective piece. Just that little bit. It won’t take up too much of your time, I promise 🙂

~ Darren “daj” Ang, 03.01.17.