VGM Piano Arrangements! :)


The Pokemon Sun and Moon Easy Collection

Ten arrangements of tracks from Pokemon Sun and Moon, deliberately written with technical simplicity in mind. 

Includes manageable arrangements of the popular tracks “Alola Region Theme”, “Battle at the Summit!” and “Battle! (Gladion)”, as well as easier, more sensitive arrangements of lesser-known tracks such as “Paniola Ranch” and “Seafolk Village”.

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The Quiet Collection

Five of the most sensitive, heartfelt tracks in my VGM vocabulary, written with a focus on accuracy in re-creation and practicality in performance. And, of course, the feels.

Opens with the harsh, emotional outcry of Xion in “Vector to the Heavens” from Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days, and closes with the highly-requested, all-time-favourite “National Park” from Pokemon HeartGold/SoulSilver.

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The Pokemon DPPt Easy Collection

Revisiting the tracks that shaped me as a VGM arranger – now with the goal of making these extraordinarily intricate tracks accessible for human hands.

It’s a collection of my favourite DPPt tracks, with the timeless classic of “Route 209”, my personal favourite VGM track in “Route 216”, and the highly requested “Cynthia Battle Theme”.

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All Solo Piano Sheets

All Piano Duet/Four Hands Sheets

…well, if you were here for all the sheets and none of the sparkle, then you can check the full lists of them in the links above. :p