Daj’s Pokémon Piano Sheets! ^^

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Game Track Name Difficulty Links
Pokemon DPPt Eterna City


The PMD Album Collection :3

All of the stuff I wrote for the PMD album!

Check out all the other arrangements here~


Game Track Name Difficulty Links
PMD1: Rescue Teams Tiny Woods
PSMD Tree of Life: Roots
PMD2: Explorers Wigglytuff’s Guild

7 Generations of Epic Battle Themes!

It’s just as the title says – and every sheet here was covered live by me too, so I can assure they’re possible. Not for the faint of heart. 😉

Overall Difficulty: Tough


Generation Track Name Difficulty Links
1: Kanto Battle! (Gym Leader)
2: Johto Battle! (Rival)
3: Hoenn Battle! (Super-Ancient Pokémon)
4: Sinnoh Battle! (Dialga/Palkia)
5: Unova Battle! (Gym Leader)
+ Victory Lies in You!
6: Kalos Battle! (Xerneas/Yveltal)
7: Alola Battle! (Ultra Necrozma)

The Hoenn Piano Collection ^^

The best Hoenn melodies, with less trumpets and more two-handed passion. Comes with a wide range of difficulty levels~

Overall Difficulty: Medium/Tough


Track Name Difficulty Links
#1 Mt. Chimney
#2 Route 120
#3 Cave of Origin
#4 Oldale Town
#5 Lilycove City
#6 Victory Road
#7 Surf
#8 Route 113
#9 Route 101
#10 Hoenn Ending Theme

The Sinnoh Piano Collection!~

My favourite tunes, from my favourite OST of all time ❤

Overall Difficulty: Tough


Track Name Difficulty Links
#1 Route 209
#2 Jubilife TV Station
#3 Great Marsh
#4 Route 216
#5 Eterna Forest
#6 Hearthome City
#7 Sunyshore City
#8 Canalave City
#9 Prof. Rowan’s Lab
#10 Cynthia Battle Theme

The Alola Piano Collection! 😀

The very first collection on the channel to explicitly focus on accessibility – ten tracks from the generation of rainbows and sparkles. ^^

Overall Difficulty: Easy/Medium


Track Name Difficulty Links
#1 Alola Region Theme
#2 Hau’oli City (Day)
#3 Paniola Ranch
#4 Prof. Kukui’s Theme
#5 Seaward Cave
#6 The Battle at the Summit!
#7 Hau’s Theme
#8 Battle! (Lusamine)
#9 Seafolk Village (Night)
#10 Battle! (Gladion)

The Earliest Pokémon Sheets ^^

All the way from when I didn’t release stuff in collections, hehe. Also includes random requests and uncategorised sheets.


Track Name Game Difficulty Links
National Park Pokémon HGSS
Rustboro Nighttime Jazz Pokémon RSE
Route 47 Pokémon HGSS
Abyssal Ruins Pokémon BW
Oreburgh City Pokémon DPPt
Snowpoint City Pokémon DPPt
Fight Area Pokémon DPPt
Valor Lakefront Pokémon DPPt
Route 210 Pokémon DPPt
Littleroot Town Pokémon RSE
Hearthome City Pokémon DPPt
“Legendaries” Trailer Music Pokémon SM