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“Out of It.”
ambient electronic + orchestral

Composed specially for dance choreography with Mr. Andy Cai, for the ACS (Independent) Dance Venia Singapore Youth Festival Arts Presentation 2017.

A nameless student feels lonely. He sinks deeper and deeper into loneliness, until suddenly, he realises that he has people around him who care. And then he breaks out of himself – everyone celebrates together.

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“Dream Free”
for string quartet


Premiered by the ACS (Independent) Philharmonic Orchestra on 11.03.17, at the National Gallery, Singapore.

The little soldier doing his duty to the nation dreams of freedom. He knows his place – he knows why he serves, and he is proud of it. But he dreams, and perhaps we should let him keep dreaming. Keeps his soul alive, y’know?

Sweet melodies, parodies of military tunes with their gusto stripped for dreaminess, and technically easy parts for all – this score gives each member of the quartet a time to shine, requiring good co-ordination over technical skill.

Score + Audio Preview | Recording

for oboe, bassoon, violin, viola, and cello.


Written for the 34th Asian Composers’ League in Vietnam, and premiered on the 14th of October 2016 at the Vietnam Conservatory of Music.

The image of emptiness and irresolution. 

For a moderate-to-advanced group of musicians. This composition tinkers with bold harmony, unstable rhythm and unbalanced instrumentation, but it still hinges on two quiet, empty melodies at its core. The image shifts between walking around in circles and throwing internal tantrums – everyone gets a chance to let it out.

Score + Audio Preview


“Two Flying Ducks”
for horn solo and piano accompaniment.


A hornist with no social awareness meets a confused pianist. They decide to perform together, and hilarity ensues.

The horn takes control with cheeky melodies, in a form reminiscent of theme-and-variations. The piano remains confused for most of the piece, but at least they harmonise. For an intermediate-advanced pianist and hornist.

Score + Audio Preview

a very empty solo piano piece.


It’s quiet, and you’re sad – no worries, take a stroll around, let the sadness eat you up. It’s all okay.

For an advanced pianist. Overlapping melodies layers, with a main tune that sings above all – yet, the piece still sounds lost and empty.

Score + Audio Preview