The Pokemon Sun and Moon Easy Collection! :)

Easy Pokemon Sun and Moon arrangements with free pdf downloads!
For beginners who want a fun learn or for intermediate-level peeps who want some relaxing-ish sight reading ^^

The Compilation:

(uninterrupted playback of all arrangements in this collection! ^^)


Track Name Date Released Links
Alola Region Theme 17/11/16 PDF | Youtube
Hau’oli City (Day) 21/11/16 PDF | Youtube
Paniola Ranch 26/11/16 PDF | Youtube
Professor Kukui’s Theme 01/12/16 PDF | Youtube
Seaward Cave 10/12/16 PDF | Youtube
Battle at the Summit! 17/12/16 PDF | Youtube
Hau’s Theme 25/12/16 PDF | Youtube
Battle! (Lusamine) 31/12/16 PDF | Youtube
Seafolk Village (Night) 14/01/17 PDF | Youtube
Battle! (Gladion) 21/01/17 PDF | Youtube

Check out my blog post on the approach I took to this collection here! ^^