“To Come Home.” for string orchestra (2017)

“To Come Home.” was originally written for a Christmas-themed composition competition. While military commitments kept me from entering that competition, this piece was already too close to my heart by the time the deadline passed – it was a piece about family.

The image was of a family gathering at home during the holiday season: everyone comes back from work, weary but glad to be in the company of their loved ones, and they take turns to tell stories. Night rolls over, and when the holiday begins for real, the family enjoys a high-spirited party…but it quickly draws to a close, and the family savours one final moment together before the holidays come to an end.

“To Come Home.” is an incredibly personal and vulnerable piece of music, built around a simple melody. Recommended for closely-knit orchestras or small string groups. ^^


If you would like to purchase orchestral scores and parts for “To Come Home.”, or any other original composition, please send me an email at DarrenAngVGM@gmail.com.