Video Game Pianists: Agreement + Signups! ^^

THE AGREEMENT THINGY. (pls read? :p)

Video Game Pianists (thanks, E Gadd! ^^) is a VGM arranger/pianist union! 🙂 It’s a pretty simple concept really haha, most of what we’ll do is cross-refer our requests to arrangers/pianists who would be more willing to do them, and everyone wins as a result! ^^

For this to work, we’ll need some rules. Just some. While formalised pledges are kinda lame, purposeless organisations are worse. Sooo let’s try to have some rules-ish things:

1 – Cross-refer requests, please ^^
The whole purpose of this union was to get all the audience requests settled while also having all of us do only the projects we want to do. In turn, this makes the audience happy, and helps us expand all of our audiences! ^^ So if you get a request from an OST that someone else specialises in, do consider passing it on to them, and the same will be done for you 🙂

2 – Try to promote your friends! ^^
We’re all here to build an audience, so positive recommendations for friendly channels are always nice! 🙂 In the same way, we’ll do the same for you~

3 – Please don’t put others down ><;
Yeah okay, some of us don’t like the way that others write/play/manage their show. That’s okay. The point of this union is to diversify our reach and our styles – no one is expected to write/play in a certain way. It is only our diversity that gives meaning to this union, so let’s not compromise that. ^^

As a special rule to be used with maximum discretion, you can be removed from this union, but ONLY on the ground that you’ve been putting others down. This is the only rule that we will ever enforce, and there’s really no reason to ever do so~



To apply for this, you must either be a VGM arranger or pianist, with your works hosted on some platform.

You will be stating a main specialty along with any other side-specialties you have – this is for a more clearly-defined target audience and better referrals. To start off, your soecialty would probably be your favourite OST/the OST you know best.

To apply, send me a PM on Discord, with these five details:

1. your name, that you’d like people to refer to you as.
2. if you’re an arranger, or pianist, or both.
3. your singular, main specialisation.
4. any other side-specialisations you have.
5. your channel/sheet page/online platform to access your stuff
for example:

1. daj
2. Arranger / Pianist
3. Pokémon DPPt
4. Pokémon main series games


By submitting your application, you’ve (virtually) signed this fun little agreement, and into a meaningful journey of building our audience together 🙂