To inspire people with meaningful, accessible music.

Channl Art

That was the idea. It was all for the struggling, passionate musicians out there.

When I first started, there was a need for more high-quality, pianistic, and learn-able video game music (VGM) sheets online – sheets that just felt good to play. That was the original goal of my Youtube channel.

Since then, the channel has moved towards live performances with accompanying sheet music, in order to better inspire individuals to take action and re-create the experiences meaningful to them first-hand.

Live covers with sheet music:
also, with a special human touch.EVP1 Midna's Lament

All sheets I have written since 2017 come with personally hand-annotated scans of my own copies. Every live-cover-with-sheet-music video since June 2017 also features these annotated sheets on-screen.

These serve to provide learners with a guide – with suggested fingerings and directions – for listeners to shortcut their learning process, and perhaps find a more meaningful way to tackle a technical challenge.


Above all, it’s a subtle message to you pianists: to remind you that every sheet you learn is a personal experience that you can customise to your own preferences – whether it means writing fingerings over fingerings or doodling on the blank spaces. 🙂

Hand-crafted sheets, because your passion is worth this much.


All arrangements I do are drafted on paper, allowing for a mindset of true simplicity to be taken into each work. Any sheet I release is built from fundamental elements, rather than a dump of possibly incoherent ideas.

It’s a method that has worked with the great composers of Classical history, and it is a formula that I will be constantly refining.


But the goal has never changed – I wish to give you, as a musician struggling in the war of passion-against-reality, another little spark of passion. This passion comes in the form of simplicity, and it is made to make you smile.

To make you smile just a little. That little rush of elation when you played that passage in front of an audience. Or that quiet enjoyment you felt as you played the closing chords of a soft, reflective piece. Just that little bit. It won’t take up too much of your time, I promise 🙂

~ Darren “daj” Ang